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Getting Ready For Your Wedding Dance

Partner  . . . check  

Wedding Song  . . .  check

Find amazing instructor and choreographer for the first dance. . . 


At Mark Ballas Dance studio we can help you get ready for the perfect first dance! Every bride and groom has a different vision for their first dance. Whether you are looking to improve the moves you used at prom or build a fancy routine to surprise your family and friends we can help.



First Dance

Wedding Dance Basics

Wedding Dance Choreography


Father -Daughter  or Mother – Son, Dance

Partner Dance Basics

Partner Dance Choreography


Group Choreography

( Bride and Groom + Kids) (Father, Mother + Bride and Groom)

Wedding Party Group Routine

Brides Maids Group Dance

Groomsmen Group Dance

Our intro package includes a 45 minute private lesson and a 30 minute consult.