Our Instructors

Get to Know the Mark Ballas Family

Here’s what they have to say about important matters such as their personal training, their best piece of advice to new dancers, and their favorite ice cream flavors. We occassionally have guest coaches stop by the studio so follow our Facebook page or events page for the latest guest classes!

Zachary Morris

Studio Director / Dance Instructor

Zachary Morris is the primary male West Coast Swing instructor at Mark Ballas Dance Pleasanton, and he is also the Studio Director!

Christopher Li

Dance Instructor

Christopher Li is the primary male Ballroom instructor at Mark Ballas Dance, Pleasanton!

Theresa Colberg

Dance Instructor

Theresa Colberg has been dancing for 5 years and has been trained in multiple styles including but not limited to Country 2 Step, West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 Step, Salsa, Bachata, Single time & Syncopated Hustle. Her technique and manner of teaching make her an excellent teacher for beginners and Novice dancers alike.

Rachel Moran

Office Manager/Dance Instructor

Rachel is one of the primary West Coast Swing instructors at Mark Ballas Dance. As a young girl, Rachel drew her initial inspiration from Ginger Rogers and the tap dancing Shirley Temple. In college she fell in love with dancing and made her childhood dream a reality through her career. 

Although West Coast Swing is her favorite genre of dance,  Nightclub 2-Step, Foxtrot, Bachata, Rumba, and Single-Time Swing has a special place in her heart. Her role model is her first dance teacher Zach, who opened the world of dance to her.

When she isn’t dancing, Rachel enjoys exploring languages, art, baking, and a good BBC drama. Rachel advises new dancers to make sure to stay patient when you first start dancing, because the road to improvement does not have a definitive end, and to enjoy the process!

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