Junior & Young Adult Classes

Never Too Early to Start

Junior Ballroom presents new dancers with Ballroom patterns and techniques. Partner work may vary depending on the class attendance. 

We offer a Young Adult Social Dance Program (YAS) for those aged 16-24. It is a 4 week series course starting at the beginning of every month. Each month the style dance changes. On the first lesson of the month new students can try the lesson for free. It they decide to sign up that day the price is $60.00. Students can also get the price of $65.00 by pre-registering. Late Registration or paying the day of is $75.00


If you are interested in starting bayou schedule a free Introductory Private Lesson. This will give the student a chance to  experience partner dancing and see if they enjoy it, and will allow the teacher to suggest the best options, classes and programs for growth.

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